Monday, April 19, 2010

Educational Video Games

I have played several video games in my life some are sports games, others killing games, and others have even been educational. What ones do I enjoy the best? The sports ones. Because, I grew up playing sports games, my first video game was Madden 64. Had my first video games been, Mathblaster who knows how much that could have improved my math skills. Video games are something that are taking over our youth. Books are getting pushed out, but we do have books online now and people are finding ways to make reading books on an ebook or computer "cool." I found a fantastic article about educational vidoe games ("Educational Video Games Mix Cool with Purpose" By: Stefanie Olsen) and even a place where students can create their own video games to help them. I think this is fantastic and can only help out youth learn and feel "cool" doing it.

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